Whoever you are, welcome to my website! Here you can listen to my album ‘PERFECT LIZARD’, watch my latest video ‘IXHEL’ and have a decent look at my cocky pictures.

I was born in Italy on the Day of the Dead (and yes I am quite proud of it). Writing songs has been my creative outlet since the age of 14. Before that, I was a very good tennis player, just so you know. I have tirelessly spent the last 10 years between the UK, Latin America and Italy and played in several alternative rock bands, all of which were absolutely awesome but unsuccessful. I have moved country about 9 times, a bit too much probably.

Then I decided to do it all alone, or at least to put my face and my name at the forefront. And so Mazzu was born. I wrote some new songs, put together a bunch of musicians, recorded a full album, drew the artwork, shot a few music videos, promoted my music on the internet and well, built this website. But to be honest, I don’t want to do it all alone, so if you like the project and want to collaborate, get in touch with me!



Perfect Lizard
01. Loaded gun 05:45
02. Baby this is the end 03:59
03. Hungry & shy 04:08